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Our mission is to bring you the best handcrafted hot sauce on earth. We strive to make meals better, and spicier too. MAGO supplies the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

Our brand was born after a year of living and backpacking throughout South America, the birthplace of the world’s hot peppers. Traveling has been a huge inspiration for us. We want to bring new sauces to the table that have their own style and go with the many different types of food that we eat.

I began making hot sauce in my parents’ kitchen a few years ago, way before I ever thought of starting a business. I had just moved back to CA after experiencing a whole new world in the different regions of South Amerca. Inspired by the amazing food and the unique peppers, I started making hot sauce using local ingredients.I took it to work, to friends’ houses, and even to family reunions. I got some strong feedback and began focusing on the most popular recipes. When a friend told me that the sauce was “magical”, the name just clicked.

While previously living in Buenos Aires, I rented a room at a house called “Los Elefantes” (The Elephants), a magical, funky, and very special place. We all came from different parts of the world, but we quickly became family,  sharing many meals, stories, and laughs. There were animals of course. One of the family cats was named Mago, which means wizard, or magician. Fast Forward 2 years, the “magical” sauce would be called MAGO, or “Spicy Magic”.

Today, MAGO strives to give your taste buds something new. We are influenced by different flavors and cultures from around the world. We love spicy food with flavor!

Mago Hot Sauce began as an underground hot sauce movement and continues to emphasize craft and high quality. We create small batch sauces with the perfect balance of heat and flavor so you can make every meal better.

            -Clark, Sauce Maker

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