We began making hot sauce in our hometown of Laguna Beach, California, in 2012. The vibe of our community has influenced the way we do things. Creativity and spicy food inspire our team. We are influenced by culture, food, and art from our experiences at home and in foreign lands.

Our brand was born after a year of living and backpacking throughout South America, which is said to be the birthplace of the world’s hot peppers. Traveling has been a huge inspiration for us. We blend Laguna’s artistic energy with our cultural encounters from around the world to create something new.

Mago Hot Sauce began as an underground hot sauce movement and continues to emphasize our ‘passion over profit’ mentality. We create small batch hot sauces of the finest quality, with the perfect balance of heat and flavor so you can make every meal better.

Clark Olson - Mago Founder - Holding Tray of Chilis
Clark Olson - Mago Founder - Holding 2 Bottles of Mago


Our unique recipes take extra time, but every drop of our handmade magical sauce will justify our specialty process. Roasting the peppers we use elevates our hot sauces to a level of flavor that your taste buds have not yet experienced.

Mago enhances every meal, while still allowing your food to speak for itself. Our hot sauces are pepper-based with just the right amount of vinegar. Our sauces are perfect for all food…SERIOUSLY… all meats, cheeses, vegetables, dips…anything.



Mago Red Habanero Sauce

Mago Red is our flagship hot sauce; the ‘original spicy magic’.

Our habanero blend boasts tantalizing flavors of quality roasted peppers. This full-bodied hot sauce is unlike any other. It’s a blend of tropical sweetness with subtle roasted smokey flavor, all paired with the perfect amount of garlic, onion, vinegar, and salt. Roasting the habaneros and fresnos brings out the best flavors of each pepper.

The Mago Red blend is a habanero sauce for everyone. We’ve tamed the power of the habanero with the sweetness and fruitiness of the fresno peppers, which are similar to red jalapenos. The irresistible combination keeps you wanting more. As they say in Spanish, Buen Provecho!!




Our green Thai pepper blend is a tangy delight. The combination of peppers is rare in the world of hot sauce. Green Thai peppers pack a seriously spicy punch, which makes our Mago Green recipe even hotter than the Mago Red Sauce. We’ve mixed habaneros and jalapeños with the Thai peppers for higher fruitiness levels. We roast the three magical peppers together in the oven.

We throw in a hint of ginger to enhance this melting pot of flavor. It’s hard to compare this addicting ‘tangy spicy magic’ to any other green sauce on earth. Your taste buds will be amazed! Enjoy!

Mago Hot Sauce goes with EVERYTHING…seriously…EVERYTHING. However, we’ve put together an easy recipe list of fun and funky ways to use it.

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

Mago’s Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette Our Mago Cilantro Lemon Vinaigrette is a healthy and easy homemade dressing that’s perfect for salads and it’s great as a marinade or sauce for meats. It’s refreshing and it keeps you wanting more! Vegan, Gluten free, Paleo...

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Mago’s Puebla Corn Soup

Mago Puebla Corn Soup Puebla, Mexico, is considered the ‘cradle of corn’, where it’s believed that the first corn in the world was harvested. Here’s a tasty recipe that is MAGO’s tribute to Puebla. We love celebrating Cinco de Mayo. In...

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Spicy Coconut Curry Chicken

This coconut curry is unbelievable! It goes great over rice and vegetables of your choice. Mago Red Sauce works great as well for less heat, but we usually make this recipe with our Mago Green Thai Blend. This dish might take your taste buds to places unknown!...

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