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What’s The Word on MAGO?

It’s hard to keep in stock. There’s a huge demand for it, and people get upset if we run out.

Desiree Gomez

Owner, Coyote Grill, Laguna Beach

Mago Hot Sauce is the only hot sauce we offer our guests at Craft House for two reasons:

1) Balance is KEY! Most hot sauces we have tried are all heat and blow your palate out. Mago is the perfect balance of heat and flavor.
2) Local, Local, Local! At Craft House, we love working with local businesses from vendors at the farmer’s market, the local fisherman, and local brands. It was a no-brainer.
Blake Mellgren

Chef and Owner, Craft House Dana Point

I’ve always been a big fan of Mago Hot Sauce. Both red and green blend well with any food you top it on with. We have it at my restaurant for our customers and also make a hollandaise with it for our brunch.

Jarrod W. Somaoang

Chef, H. H. Cottons, San Clemente

Mago is my hands down favorite sauce. A bottle only lasts me about a week. 

Zachary O.

We have been enjoying Clark’s Mago sauces from the Farmer’s Market for almost two years now. Clark’s chipotle sauce is made 100% authentic & oh so tasty!!! Thank you for creating this amazing sauces.​

Greg & Kailani T.

I panic when I run out of Mago red. Thanks Clark for expediting my order over the phone. The new Ghost is top shelf!

Timothy C.

It’s exciting to be able to use and support a locally produced product like Mago Hot Sauce in my kitchen. It brings a fantastic balance of flavor and heat which ensures that the sauce compliments the dish and does not overwhelm it. Their selection of sauces allows versatility with a variety of cuisine, both fine dining and casual

Kiel Andersen

Chef, Produce Catering

Mago is from the heart and it matches our family atmosphere here. The sauces enhance the flavor of your food instead of masking it.

Sabrina McMurray

Chef, Owner, Penguin Cafe, Laguna Beach

Went to Costello’s Sports bar in Mission Viejo on Taco Tuesday and they set this amazing sauce down in front of me. I enjoyed the flavor with just the right amount of heat that I ordered a bottle and a 32oz. refill while still eating, also love the fact that your local.


We found out about this sauce from Chef Kiel at Watermarc in Laguna. It is great and we use the sauces with everything – like everything! Great work!

Kevin K.

We use Mago at every meal!

Greg T.

It was SO GOOD. I’m from California living in the Midwest, and it’s hard to find a good hot sauce that is spicy AND has good flavor. Will definitely be buying this again! Thanks!